Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dear Mary Wigman

Dear Mary Wigman,

You have been present in my life in the last three months, and sometimes you were an inspiration, and in others you almost lead me to my death.
I was overwhelmed with your ideas and your dance.
I didn't sleep well after seeing your witch dance in an old film roll, and your pastoral was indeed full of joy.
But, from all your solos that I had the opportunity to watch, Summer Dance was my favorite. And reading your book I discovered that that solo was your favorite from that cycle too!
Funny how this things happens, isn't it?
I was amazed to see how you could make such simple movements filled with tension and meanings.
And then I saw Totenmal, or at least, a small excerpt from it. Are those images real? So sad, creepy... and full of grieve. Why were you so obsessed with facing the death?
But I'm not one who can imagine what it was like to live in Germany before, during and after war. Nazism. Sad memories.
Well... not that things are great now.
People still kill each other for no reason. Politicians do whatever they want and we all have to survive within others people decisions.
And we artists sill struggle to survive.
But our passion for dance remains. There's nothing better in the word than to express emotions and ideas through movement, right?

Anyway, I want to thank you for all the information you gave me this past months, but I truly hope that you'll never drive me crazy again, ok?

I'm glad to say that I finally finished my paper and I can sleep again.
Hopefully I would not dream with totenmal...

Dear Mary.... You fought with the idea of dying so much, and I'm glad to tell you that you're very alive in our memories trough your art.




  1. Mary W.
    Obrigada... E...
    Vá em paz! =)

  2. ótimas ideias escritas aí, dariam ótimos quotes para a vida! Aposto que o paper ficou de matar. Te vejo em breve, lindíssima.